Welcome to Making Lemonade

Building a life we love with the people we love.

We are a community of moms! We all have a story to tell and Making Lemonade allows us to share our story, open up and really rely on love and support from a community that understands.

Over the years I have overcome so many obstacles. Every time life didn’t turn out quite as I wanted it to I just repeated ” We’re Making Lemonade”. So when I decided to create a community for moms, the name stuck.

This is about community and coming together free from judgment or criticism. We help each other grow as individuals and moms by providing support, love, and education. No matter what life throws at us, whether wonderful or heartbreaking, we have each other’s backs.

Whatever you’re going through as an individual or mom, we’re here for you to help you through whatever obstacles you may face. You are not alone.

Throughout this website you will be introduced to my crazy family, mom tips and tricks, the heartbreak I’ve gone through, stories from other moms, and so much more.

Hey y’all! Becky here!

I’m a mom to three wonderful children, a wife to my college sweetheart, and a lover of 80s music.

Latest Post

The Storm Before the Rainbow

Being a mother is usually depicted in pictures with fields of flowers, a mother holding her child, smiles and happiness, love in its most visual sense of the word. What these pictures do not show is the other side to motherhood. The not so happy side. Mothers hold on...

My Rainbow Baby

Our First Storm It's always hard to talk about loss but I think it's necessary. It helps us grow as individuals and build a community around us. Plus, you never know who your story may touch. In remembrance of miscarriage and loss this month, I wanted to open up for...

Why Women Entrepreneurs are On the Rise

There are more women starting businesses than ever before. This movement is exciting! WHERE ARE MY LADY BOSSES? WOOT WOOT! I have been wanting to write this post for quite some time. This subject is so dear to me because I'm a female entrepreneur and I love that this...
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