Welcome, mama!

Aren’t you tired of this “perfect mom”? This woman who has it all together?

I’ve spent hours scrolling through Pinterest and Instagram looking at pictures of these moms who seem to have everything figured out. Here’s the true though…they don’t. Honestly, none of us do.

I don’t think the point of being a mom is to be perfect AT ALL, because we can’t ever achieve that. Our main goal as mom is to keep our kids happy and safe. And this looks different to each mom. We strive to make the best choices for the little people in our lives that have taken ownership of our hearts.

It’s because there are so many ways to parent, birth, homeschool (or not), sleep train, and overall be a mom that this site isn’t a one-size-fits-all blog. This site is a community of moms from different walks of life and different opinions and views.

But the really awesome thing here, is that we can come together and support one another.

That’s the community I’m building. I want to build a life I love with the people I love and do away with the judgement and stigmas.

A bit more about me

My name is Becky and I’m a homeschooling, natural-birthing, breastfeeding, chaos loving, 80’s music rocking, and small business owner mom of three. I love watching football, drawing, dancing, doing crafts, playing with my kids, and snuggling my fur babies. I have lofty dreams of traveling the world with my family and enjoying every second of this crazy life. 

I can’t wait to meet you!

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