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We’re the mompreneurs behind Making Lemonade and we’re so glad you’re here.

Going from newborn at home to laid off during my maternity leave, that’s how Becky Burgess started her entrepreneurial journey in 2015. 

No doubt there were a lot of ups and downs and struggles along the way. Becky desired to stay at home with her newborn baby girl but also help support her family financially. 

She threw away the idea that you have to choose between being a stay at home mom and a career mom. Instead, Becky decided she wanted both. 

She wanted to be there for all the special “firsts” and didn’t want to sacrifice being the mother she always wanted to be but she also had dreams and ambitions of becoming a successful business woman. 

Within a year of starting her business, she was able to replace her corporate income while working less than 20 hours a week!

Here background and degree resides in Business Marketing so what did she do in 2015? She started her own social media marketing agency to help small business owners and online entrepreneurs achieve their financial goals through Facebook marketing. 

Since starting her business, Becky has been featured on mulitple podcasts and articles, has created free and paid online courses, and has started two other business ventures all while being the mom she always wanted to be.

How did she do it? 

Well, it wasn’t all rainbows and unicorns. Becky put in a lot of hours and hardwork to get to where she is now. When she hits a roadblock, she doesn’t stay down for long. 

“It’s about drive and purpose, not hustle. I hate that word, hustle. To me it sounds exhausting and stressful. I want my business to run in a fluid motion and I want it to be self-sustaining. If my kids are sick and I have to be with them, I don’t want to be worried if my business can handle that loss.” – Becky Burgess

Although I’ve always had an entrepreneurial spirit, I got my start as a business owner in a fairly untraditional way. For about 5 years I helped my mom build the family business. We owned a market research agency where I managed all our client accounts in Facebook and Direct Mail. In Fall of 2015, I found myself laid off during my maternity leave. This was a complete shock and something I have since struggled to overcome. But I believe everything happens for a reason and it was this trial that helped push me into the entrepreneurial world.

I’m not the type of person to stay down for very long so I started a few business ventures and failed more than once. Then, I started focusing on my passions as well as my skills. Being a new mom again, I knew I didn’t want to go back to work in Corporate America and have someone else witness all of my baby’s firsts. I wanted it all and I was determined to find a way.

In January 2016, I launched my LLC and hit the ground running. I wanted to help other mom entrepreneurs get their businesses to the next level so Splash Owl Media LLC was born. With my experience in marketing and my love for Facebook, I wanted to create an agency where entrepreneurs could either learn to do their own Facebook Ads or hire an expert without breaking the bank. I wanted to help mom entrepreneurs reach their business goals by taking advantage of social media marketing.

It wasn’t long after I started my agency that I realized how much I loved coaching women entrepreneurs. During calls with my clients I would quickly catch myself diving into different areas they could improve on or how they should implement this new technique. I’ve always had an “eye” for looking at something and not only seeing what was wrong but also how to fix it. It wasn’t until my husband pointed this out that I realized how much I loved finding solutions to problems and getting my creative juices flowing.

In the summer of 2017, I developed the Making Lemonade idea after reflecting on my start as a business owner. After being laid off from my own parents, I decided to build my own business from the ground up. I took something tragic and unpredictable and came out a true mom entrepreneur. The saying “if life gives you lemons, make lemonade” came to mind. We each have our own unique story to tell and we have our own “whys” on how we became business owners. Whether you look at the lemons as something tragic or perhaps your passion, we’re going to make some lemonade together.

You’re an online entrepreneur who has ambitious goals and loves her family. And you want a good balance between the two, which is exactly why you set out to build your business in the first place.

The problem is, there are only so many hours a day a mom can hustle without help! That’s where we come in…

Wouldn’t it be nice if all of the time and energy you put into your business gave you the results you want? How does a clearer road map on how to get there sound? What would more money mean for your family? Personally, we see big success in your future and we’re ready to help you get there.

We love to hear from you and we’re excited to connect!

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