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Table of Contents:

  • Introduction
  • Revamp Your Routine
  • The Benefits of Meal Prepping
  • Give Grace
  • Conclusion


Oh, mastering the chaos of being a busy mom. Is it even possible, or has this become a tall tale passed down by our mythical supermom ancestors? If you’re like most sleep-deprived, over-caffeinated moms, you’re probably nodding your head in agreement. But, fear not, because even in the wildest of the jungle that is our lives, there are some hacks that can tame the madness just enough to try and catch that elusive thing called “balance.”

So buckle up, grab your favorite chaos-fighting weapon (we recommend a strong cup of coffee or tea), and let’s dive into these busy mom hacks, family routine ideas, and home organization tips that will make your hectic weeks seem a little less like running a marathon with only one shoe on. If you’re lucky, you might even find time for a shower and occasional adult conversation, or, you know, whatever luxurious lifestyle dreams you may have. Time to wave goodbye to Captain Chaos and say hello to General Get-It-Together.

Revamp Your Routine

Alright warriors of chaos, let’s usher in those good old family routines. Wrestling the morning routine beast can inject a much-needed serving of structure for your family. Consider this your morning wrestling ring where tasks are laid out like sneaky opponents – Terry Teethbrushing, Benny Bedmaking, and don’t even get me started on Brucie Breakfast.

Instead of jumping on the morning struggle bus, try these hacks to make your morning routine less chaotic and flow like an efficient assembly line.

#1 – Do Heavy-lifting The Night Before

One massive change we made is moving the bulk of morning “tasks” to the night before. Kids’ lunches are packed (they do this themselves). Outfits including socks and shoes are laid out before bedtime. This means we spend less time going on a scavenger hunt for these items when we’re trying to usher four kids out the door.

Plus try to make breakfast items beforehand. I add this to our weekly meal prep session so they are done and just need to be warmed up.

#2 – Have a Morning Chore Chart

Everyone knows what mornings look like in our house. The kids have all of their items ready to go the night before. While breakfast is warming up, the big kids empty the dishwasher and let out the dogs. And that’s it.

#3 – Get up Before Your Kids

Look, I get it! I used to note be that “morning person”. I yelled it from the roof-tops for years that I was a night owl and that was that. But everything changed when we welcomed Baby 3 into the pack. It was the first time we were outnumbered and I felt incredibly overwhelmed and stressed out of my mind.

Here’s the thing, you CAN change. Waking up early or staying up late all comes down to a habit. All I did was shift my habits. Yes, it took time to adjust but now I absolutely love it.

Now my husband and I get up at 5 am every morning. You do not need to get up this early. I choose this time because it allows me the time to workout and ease into my day while the house is peaceful. I can get ready without being interrupted by four kids.

Even if you wake up 20 minutes before your kids do, it will help you ease into the day instead of jumping out of bed in chaos mode. Talk about mental health.

Every morning, I answer emails while walking on my treadmill. I sip my coffee as I get ready for the day. Then, I usually have time to do any last-minute things before the kids wake up like pack lunches that didn’t get packed the night before or find my toddler’s missing shoe so daddy doesn’t put two different shoes on her feet (Yes, all have happened.)

Evening Chaos 

Mealtime is the family rallying cry, and if you find yourself scarfing leftovers standing by the sink – we’re judging. Just kidding, we’re not. But pulling everyone together for meals, even if the menu screams microwaved, is a sure-shot way to tie in family bonding with sustenance.

Every week we avoid the microwaved meals (most of the time) because we meal prep on Sundays together. In the words of one of my favorite shows, Letterkenny – “More hands make less work.” Meal prepping and planning always fell on my lap much like 90% of the household stuff. But it simply was too much for me to tackle one of my least favorite things solo. Now, my husband and I do this together every Sunday and it’s helpful and stress-free.

Speaking of stress-free, an evening routine can wrap up your day like a neatly-tied gift. Trade war stories of the day with your loved ones or indulge in a family read. Potentially hilarious bedtime negotiations are a free bonus. Now, your family calendar – think of it as the Marauder’s Map. Entrust your calendar with the details of who is supposed to be where and when, along with the vivid relationship dynamics unfolding in your household (ok, maybe not the last part). Hanging it on the refrigerator is a clichéd genius!

Lastly, the most cunning hack to combat chaos – divide and conquer! Who said partitioning was history? Dividing tasks among family members ensures everyone is occupied and the household runs as smooth as a Zamboni on ice. Betty does the laundry while Bobby conquers the kitchen. Look at you go, champions of the mundane! So there you have it, folks – your wonderful, whacky, and utterly workable family routines. No family left behind! Let’s march on to the next segment, shall we?

Benefits of Meal Prepping

If you’re one of those moms (or parents) where every day you’re flying by the seat of your pants, here’s your wake-up call to stop it. Unless, of course, you enjoy being overwhelmed, stressed, and exhausted. Then, by all means, continue as you are.

However, if you’re reading this it means you’re looking for a change and to break up with the overwhelming and over-exhausted weeks.

One of the first things you need to change is WHEN you meal prep. For our family, we do this on Sunday. Friday and Saturday evening (or during nap time) I have selected 2 NEW dinners, all the other nights are staples. I’m not over here trying to cook a brand-new meal every night. (Who has time for that?) But I do want to bring variety and try some new recipes from time to time.

After I write up our dinners and which nights I want to make them, I then put the order in for pickup on Sundays after church. This is what works for our family. Our church gets out at 11:30 am. Pick-up is at noon, which means we may or may not pick up lunch while we’re out.

By the time we get home, the kids are ready to relax and the baby is ready to go down for her nap. While she’s napping my husband and I prep. We believe in “more hands make less work”. The kids can also prep their snack items for their school lunches and save the sandwich-making for the night before since we don’t want those to get soggy.

The benefits:

– By sorting out your meals beforehand, you save yourself from the stress and rush of trying to figure out what to cook every day. Your week commences on a calmer note.

– Meal prepping equips you with a planned menu ready for the entire week. Consequently, this significantly reduces any impulsive, unhealthy food choices, fostering better nutrition.

– The forward-looking step of meal prepping not only saves time during weekdays but also eliminates the hassle of everyday grocery runs, building overall efficiency in your routine.

– By strategically planning and preparing your meals, you can manage portions effectively leading to less wasted food and ultimately supporting sustainable living practices.

The aforementioned benefits ensure the extraordinary ease that meal prepping before Monday brings in, making your week considerably less chaotic.

Give Grace

As a parent you know *ish happens. Give yourself some grace if everything isn’t perfect every time.

This morning the kids went back to school after a break. I had all the intentions in the world to have everything prepped and planned the night before. And I mostly did. However, I completely forgot to pack our two younger kids’ backpacks for their preschool so this morning was a bit crazy because it was the first day back on our schedule AND mom forgot to do something in my prepping phase last night.

But it’s okay! Everything was fine. The kids all got to their schools on time. And my husband and I got to enjoy breakfast together after dropping everyone off.


Sweet chaos, thy mother’s name is life! But guess what? By applying some of the tips you’ve learned, you’ve successfully transformed this chaos into a manageable routine. Seriously, you deserve a cape or something!

Ooh wait, we almost forgot it’s your turn, darling! Yes, you! It’s time you take the reins of your life and steer it clear of the tornado called disorganization! Apply these tips and tricks to your routine or tweak them to what will work with your family, and remember, what is life without a little bit of chaos? So, let’s raise a pretend champagne toast to organized chaos, shall we? And remember kiddos, laughter is and always will be the best form of therapy! Cheers!


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