You found something you love and it, by the way, you ROCK at it! So you decided to start a business. Brave leap, mama!

Except your having trouble with the whole *business owner* thing.

How do you market yourself? To whom? What systems do you need to make this thing tick? How the heck to do you turn leads into clients so that you can actually make some moola? And how much do you charge anyway?

You are exhausted trying to figure out how to become profitable. You feel overwhelmed working on your business while juggling kiddos. 

You may feel totally stressed out if your family is counting on your business to succeed financially or you’re hoping it’ll be your out to your 9-5.

Maybe an ugly voice is creeping into your head saying, “You are not cut out for this mom entrepreneur thing afterall….”

We have seen so many women struggling with the EXACT same issues you’re facing. Heck, we experienced many of them early on in our businesses, too.

But it doesn’t have to be this way!

We are on a mission to empower as many moms as we can to start living the life they want to live.

For us, this kind of satisfaction started with a choice – take our careers into our own hands and build a business working from home to create the work-life balance we desire.

Does that sound good to you?

We thought so.

Let’s get started… 


We like to build online courses. Like, a lot. Busy mompreneurs know they need to brush up on their marketing skills  to grow their businesses. We know you need to do it when it works for your schedule. Our virtual trainings are perfect for the savvy mom building a business on her terms.


We’ve worked with too many  entrepreneurs  that make impulsive marketing decisions because they sound super awesome or trendy. The problem is they take time and money and may not even be in line with their objective. We will help you set your goals and  create a plan of action to reach ’em.



At Making Lemonade, we believe two heads are better than one, and no one should try to build a business on an island. (Unless of course you actually live on an island, in which case, can we visit?). You need a vision for how you want to grow and profit, and we’ll use our experience to help you get there.



Building a business is a lot like raising a child…  and it takes a village! All mom entrepreneurs are welcome to join us in the Making Lemonade Community Facebook Group where you’ll find friends,  mentors, cheerleaders, fans and, if you play your cards right, maybe even clients!

Just a quick scroll through your Facebook newsfeed and you know there are tons (TONS) of business coaches, training programs, online courses, etc.

So what makes the Making Lemonade Club different?

For starters, we’re just like you. We are two mom entrepreneurs working from home with kiddos. And we know what we’re talking about, because we have successfully turned our side hustles into full time jobs replacing our previous 9-5 incomes in less than a year.

We get you, because we are you! We aren’t just in business to teach you how to do something without the experience to back it up. We’re actually doing it.

And you can, too.

We care about our clients. Like, a lot. Our businesses are our babies too and we know you feel the same way about yours. While we do offer tons of valuable free content, resources and downloads (get in on those here), we do charge for the super juicy stuff.

In the Making Lemonade Club, we personally invest ourselves in your success, so we ask that you do the same to reach your goals.

This isn’t your typical one-size-fits-all business training in a box either. You could buy some expensive online course, but let’s face it. You may get overwhelmed and throw in the towel, or get busy and come up with a million reasons not to get started again.

Our online courses meet you where you’re at and then elevate you to the next level. But you need to walk before you can run, which is why we intentionally release our course modules one week at a time. By fully engaging in each step of our process, we guarantee you’ll be more likely to put in the work to succeed. Plus, we will hold you accountable each step of the way, giving you the benefits of a group coaching program without the price tag.

We should work together if you are…

  • Committed to learning, growing and being the best mom entrepreneur you can be
  • Enthusiastic about your vision for your business, even if you’re just starting out
  • Determined to reach your goals and willing to put in the effort to get there
  • A positive, go-getter who is open to feedback

We’re probably not a great fit it you are…

  • Not sure if you want to start a business (it’s cool, we love hobbies! That’s just not what Making Lemonade is about…)
  • Not ready to do the work to make your business (more) profitable
  • Someone who has trouble following through
  • Not cool with the occasional baby cooing in the background (hey, we’re moms just like you!)

> to increase the income that you already earn from your naptime hustle?

> To learn from other moms who have overcome challenges to build their businesses online?

> To be genuinely supported by like-minded mompreneurs who can help you succeed?

>To master the best tools and tips from industry experts to market your business online?

> To network with other moms around the world who are looking to collaborate, mentor and share ideas?

> To STOP feeling overwhelmed and guilty?

> To be INSPIRED to do what’s necessary to make your business flourish?

> To build a business you love so you can live the life you want?

If you’re ready to start, grow or scale your business NOW than get started with this placement qualifier now.

If we didn’t answer all of your questions, feel free to drop us a line anytime.
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